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Jeremy "Jay" Cummings
Acquisition Broker
Birchwood Realty Group 
Texas Multifamily / Off-Market  Division
+1 (832) 685-4337

Jay is responsible for overseeing transactions between buyers and sellers. This includes drafting contracts and outlining all details, negotiating sale prices, and assisting each party's needs as they arise during negotiations.

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The Process and Protocols

If you are a Qualified Prospective Buyer, we would like to extend you an invitation to become a valued Client of Birchwood Realty Group. We are accepting vetted investors that meet the purchasing qualifications required by our associated Asset Management Groups. As a Clients you can participate as the principal party to our private sales transactions. BRG does not represent or consult any wholesaler, assignment companies, or similar businesses. We provide services to End Buyer(s) only.

A "Qualified Prospective Buyer" is an Accredited Investor or Business that has executed the purchase of a multifamily property that has 50 units or more within the last 2 years; and has the ability to fund and manage such acquisition in the immediate future.

An "End Buyer" is an individual or business entity (Qualified Prospective) that intends to purchase the property at the closing table. A "Business Associate" can assist with administrative duties but End Buyer(s) must authorize all legal tenders and attend all required meetings scheduled by BRG & Asset Management Team. 

Some investors don't realize that process of accessing MLS Listings and accessing those off-market assets are treated differently in the real estate market. The truth is most Listed (On-Market) assets may or may not choose to disclose financials and/or privileged information to the general public. Texas commercial real estate engagement trends are changing and more MLS Listing Brokerages now require a non disclosure non circumvention agreement for the disclosures due to the “Legality of Purpose in Contract Law”.

With the increasing wave of wholesaling, many real estate brokerages are inundated with lowball offers, unqualified buyers, contract tie-downs, and non-performing prospective buyers. This tendency has led to Listing Brokerage's reduction in commission, limited control over the asset, reputation damage, legal issues and difficulty in identifying the End Buyer. It is important for Listing Brokerages or Asset Management Companies to be aware of the potential challenges that their businesses can be presented and also to take any necessary steps to protect their interest such as being transparent with the owner. BRG has stepped in to ensure that all parties are licensed and following the Texas Real Estate Commission Regulations.  

Birchwood Realty Group (BRG) promotes Off-Market (Medium Sized Multifamily) range from $5M to $100M in sale price within the Texas Gulf Coast Region. This includes Class A, B & C assets. These opportunities are direct benefits to our BRG Clients and each deal is presented to the dispositioning party in an orderly fashion. All BRG clients are vetted and have been determined to meet the business engagement threshold which is decided by both the BRG Broker and the Disposition Team. The Seller representative reserves the privilege to initate direct communication to BRG Client during each initial request for undisclosed subject property information.

BRG is gaining momentum in acquiring strong relationships with property owners, asset management groups and portfolio groups within hedge funds across Texas Gulf Coast Region. Jay Cummings has personally negotiated the approved terms from many solicitations by building relationships. These formal agreements dictate the processes required when requesting financials to be released to our prospective buyers and the expectation of reasonable - yet respectable offers.

This is an excellent way for Birchwood Realty Group to solve many obstacles for both sides of the transaction where each party can benefit from this brokerage arrangement. BRG will always perform our responsibility to perform for our clients. We provide private investment opportunities (Back-Office) to our BRG Clients. Our partnering relationships has allowed us in these closed-circuit disposition processes as we provide a pool of "qualified prospects" in an effective and discretionary manner. This results in low-cost real estate marketing and a no-cost commission fee for the seller. The pool of offers for each subject property will be minimal compared to on-market assets in the respective region.

We provide and expect professional, ethical, and committed business engagements.

Jeremy "Jay" Cummings is the Lead Agent of the Off-Market (Medium Multifamily) Texas Gulf Coast Division within Birchwood Realty Group. He will be the host of the on-boarding meeting should you decide to join us.

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What We Do and How do we Play ?
 We specialize in the acquisition of stabilized and non-performing assets in Southeast Texas from private owners & investment groups that are looking to exit. Our Clients seek 100% ownership interest, but also acquire assets through partnerships or joint ventures.

Stabilized Play

These assets are typically well maintained and have high occupancy (80 - 100%) at takeover. These assets typically provide strong cash flow from day 1 and have an opportunity to increase value through moderate interior upgrades. The rehab budget investment is typical $1,000-$3,000/unit.

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Value-Add Play

 These assets are typically well-occupied (50 - 80%) at takeover but rent below market or have a precise value-add play, such as implementing utility bill-back. By implementing revenue-generators, curing deferred maintenance, adding and improving amenities, and taking steps to improve property appearance, we can usually continue to increase rents and generate substantial cash flow for investors. A typical value-add investment is $5,000-$9,000/unit in the rehabilitation budget.

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Distressed Play

  These assets tend to have lots of deferred maintenance and suffer from high vacancy (30 - 50%). With a strong rehab budget, these assets can typically be turned around and brought back to stabilization in 12-24 months, afterward providing significant cash flow or value for investors. The typical rehab investment is $6,000 to $15,000/unit.

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10 Factors of Investment Asset Analysis

1. Market Trends: The overall market trends and cycles that may impact the investment asset in question.

2. Financial Performance: The historical and projected financial performance of the investment asset, including revenue, profits, and cash flow.

3. Industry Analysis: The competitive landscape and regulatory environment of the industry in which the investment asset operates.

4. Market Size and Growth Potential: The size of the market in which the investment asset operates, as well as its potential for future growth.

5. Customer Base: The demographics and behaviors of the customer base that the investment asset targets.

6. Competitive Advantage: The unique strengths and advantages that the investment asset has over its competitors.

7. Management Team: The experience, track record, and capabilities of the management team behind the investment asset.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: The extent to which the investment asset complies with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

9. Economic and Political Environment: The macroeconomic and political factors that may impact the investment asset, such as interest rates, inflation, and government policies.

10. Risks and Uncertainties: The potential risks and uncertainties associated with the investment asset, including market volatility, competition, and technological disruption.